By Namanzee Harris

This week will be the ‘proof of concept’ test for Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Limited freedom that is for 32 million Malaysians to determine the outcome of this new norm during this COVID-19 pandemic that has affected people worldwide.

If the people cannot be trusted with the responsibility, then by May 12th, the government of the day would still have the opportunity to take it back from us.

The initial reason of MCO (Movement Control Order) enforced since March 18th, is to provide the goverment with enough time to prepare for health (hospitals, tests, ventilators etc) and security management (assessment of enforcers, enforcement strategies, border etc).

So long as the vaccine is yet to be found, people will need to familiarise themselves on the new norm, regardless.

But before we criticise the authorities and jump into ‘perangai orang kita’ conclusion, let us do this.

Have faith in our people. Have faith in the system that had governed us so well through the worst times of our lives.

Time after time, Malaysians have proven that we are better than what was expected of us.

And at the end of the day, we still have the power to control our own self, our own families and the people around us.

It is self regulated. If ever a time to test self regulation policies, this is it.

And the government of the day would still have the final say on this, come what may.


Aspiring to be a lifeguard, Namanzee Harris is the Chief Executive Officer of AlHijrah Media Corporation (TV AlHijrah).

Editing by Syed Azwan Syed Ali

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